Sebastian P. (sebbe) wrote,
Sebastian P.

Just to prove that I in fact have gone mad...

[23:48] The Midterminator: I have a midterm tomorrow...and breakfast with someone before that...should go shower and sleep ^.^;
[23:49] Camila: :) hmm sounds like its a breakfast with someone important then
[23:49] * The Midterminator giggles and whistles
[23:50] The Midterminator: ^.^
[23:51] Camila: so..... are you telling me? :D
[23:51] * The Midterminator giggles, "Telling you whaaat?"
[23:51] Camila: who is she? XD
[23:53] * The Midterminator giggles, "You'd like to know, wouldn't ya?"
[23:53] Camila: hell yeah!
[23:53] Camila: =P
[23:54] The Midterminator: Just to prove that I indeed am mad: Marie.
[23:55] The Midterminator: And yes, I know xD.
[23:55] Camila: O_O
[23:55] Camila: m a r i e  omg
[23:55] Camila: *smacks face*

* You were killed by Ash-Fox (!TheDen!Ash-Fox (NO))
Closing Link: Leanne (Killed (Ash-Fox (NO)))
* Topic is ' - NO MARIE.'
* Set by Ash-Fox on Tue Mar 07 00:13:31
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